AI+ is a non-profit organization to bring together researchers, entrepreneurs and domain experts with a shared vision of "AI is the new electricity".


AI+ is a "tribe" of researchers, hackers, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts envisioning the future powered by morally good AI. Since our inception at Stanford, we not only chase after those supernova from AI power houses in Silicon Valley, but also those rising stars who are determined to take the rally and make a dent in the world. Sometimes, we discover those hidden gems in different verticals before their first debut to the world. We want to make AI+ an intellectual hub that connects AI research and the industry, as well as a place that nurtures new ideas.



Tim Shi

Stanford AI Lab
PhD in Machine Learning and NLP

Qingyun Sun

Stanford Math Department
PhD in Foundations of Machine Learning

Fiona Zhou

Stanford GSB, 2016
Entrepreneur in AI + Healthcare

Russell Kaplan

Stanford B.S. 2017
With focus in Computer Vision

Nan Bai

Stanford GSB, 2016
Now at DCM Ventures